putting crypto to work
Introducing adiCoin, the revolutionary cryptocurrency that operates on a groundbreaking Proof of Labor (PoL) protocol and empowers workers worldwide to earn virtual money exclusively for use in the adiVerse, adidas' virtual mall in the Metaverse.

in labor we trust

adiCoin miners (workers) are outfitted with Ladybug™ subcutaneous chip implants with a PoL (Proof of Labor) interface for secure, real-time labor tracking. Ladybug™ implants rely on biofeedback, cross-verified with location, movement, and recognition technologies.

from workers to bankers

When a worker generates PoL, adiCoin is mined. No boss or overseer is involved, just an unbiased technological interface. The worker automatically reaps one percent of the digital rewards, the rest go to the open marketplace.


The more a worker works, the more adiCoin they earn. It’s that simple. Opportunities are created through scarcity. As adiCoin is minted by diligent work it becomes part of a limited supply. Early adopters and workers alike amass virtual wealth with appreciation.

power unchained

adiCoin can only be spent in the adiVerse, an exclusive virtual world inside Meta's Metaverse. There, a worker's avatar can live out their fantasies with every comfort, convenience, and luxury the worker can imagine. For many workers this marks their maiden voyage into a world of enrichment that’s unrealistic in the real-world garment industry.
adiCoin is valid exclusively within the adiVerse sector of the Metaverse. Attempts to purchase material goods or products outside of adiVerse are liable for penalty. Attempts by adiCoin minters to trade or acquire additional adiCoin outside of fractional allotment are likewise liable for punitive action including time in adidas Pillory™ in Herzogenaurach, and a Placard of Shame displayed in Permanent Collection of Employee Sanctions at adidas headquarters. Activity by miners will be monitored by adidas pursuant to Section 3.2 of the adidas Garment Worker Supervision Act, wherein prohibitions regarding communication between individual worker parties extends to digital interactions within the metaverse. adiCoin is non-transferrable. Tokens are valid for six months from acquisition. In the event a minter's job is terminated, access to the adiVerse and minted coin remain valid for six months as severance. adidas bears no responsibility.

WHY adiCoin?

adidas has suffered criticism for decades over not paying workers. In World War II we used non-consensual bondservants. In the 1980s, we outsourced to faraway places where suppliers often underpaid and sometimes didn't pay at all. And today, remaining competitive means some workers still go unpaid. But now, it’s time for a solution. When paying workers in the fiat currency of meatspace becomes unprofitable, adiCoin ensures that we can pay in a much better currency: dreams. With adiCoin, workers are free to trade the myth of real money in the real world for the reality of virtual money in a virtual world.